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You Need This App, Cheaters: Snapcheat

Texting or email just won't cut it anymore. If you're going to carry on an affair, you should download a more discreet app: Snapcheat. Why? Because you don't want to get caught, duh!

Snapcheat has a reputation for being one of the apps out there who handles your information much more responsibly - more specifically, your photos and messages.

Texts and emails are harder to delete or keep private (as most cell phone carriers will keep a log of your texts and most email hosting sites never fully delete your emails). Here is a quick guide to using Snapcheat to keep your extramarital affairs hush-hush:

1. What features on Snapcheat help with cheating?

The reason Snapcheat is so successful is that everything disappears... if you let it. Of course, you always face the danger posed by screenshotting (but more on that later). Photos and messages disappear so long as you don't screenshot or tap+hold to save the text in the messager. I suggest making an agreement with the person you're cheating with that you both will not save anything. This will protect both you and their anonymity (god knows that people like to get revenge, so lest you get caught you can at least protect the person on the other end of your sexts). So long as you don't save anything and you agree not to take screenshots (though you can always store them in a photo vault app, again more on that later...) you should be able to keep everything on the down-low easily.

2. Where to find cheaters willing to chat?

The internet is crawling with people who are looking to engage in a little debauchery. So you should definitely spend some time creeping around the web. Two of the best sites for finding fellow cheaters, or people who are looking to sext via an app, are AshleyMadison.com and Fetlife.com! AshleyMadison.com is tailored for exactly what you're trying to do. You'll be able to find people who want to cheat on their partners too! Plus, because these people similarly have a lot at stake by cheating, you can rest a little easier knowing that they aren't going to go fuck you over anytime soon. Because if they take you down, you can take them down too. Mutually assured destruction can be a powerful thing. Fetlife, on the other hand, has plenty of conversation threads where people post looking for both Kik and Snapcheat sexting partners. Here you'll be able to find someone who is into literally anything you're probably in to. So, Fetlife is perhaps the best choice for all you kinksters out there.

3. Tips for sexy pics:

Even if you've agreed not to take screenshots or save texts, you should make sure you don't give away any meaningful information. So when you're taking pictures, make sure that your face isn't in the photo. Additionally, make sure there's nothing in the background that could give you away. You can always deny that a picture isn't of you if there are no identifying features in the pic! So keep that in mind. Think tattoos and piercings as well as things in your room that could give you away!